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Support for you or your partner during pregnancy, and for anyone who feels called to engage with their own birth experience.

I specialise in supporting pregnant women with consciously connecting with their baby and journey to motherhood. Pregnancy is a time when healing and transformation is at a real peak for potential, while Mum and baby are journeying together, the energy increases, which is also partly why there can be a blossomming for mum to be.

This increase in energy in the body can also sometimes stir up hidden blockages and create fatigue or other problems if left unmet.

Deep issues can also resurface causing unwanted nausea/ emotional charge, shock, etc. This can be from personal experiences connected to past or present situations, or unresolved family history, and the ancestral realms for healing. Engaging with and supporting the release of stuck energies is so supportive for Mum and baby, and allows more safe space to 'land', in ones own being, and be able to experience preggancy as the powerful initiation into greater levels of love and connection with yourself and others it has the potential to be.

Fathers and other partners also are often deeply touched or triggered and benefit from support. I also offer upto 3 or 4 sessions with baby post natally to help with any issues related to birth and bonding with baby if needed and continued support for adults as needed.

If you have had a difficult birth and want support to integrate, move on and have more space to bond with your baby, Id be really happy to support you.

I feel very privilidged to be able to offer support in this area of life. This work has touched me deeply, and seems that the depth of empathy offered here is something that many people have gravitated to me for, even without knowing why they came.

My training as a pediatric craniosacral therapist was deeply kinesthetic. The knowledge passed onto me, from my teacher and teachers teachers, of many thousands of regressions of clients going through their own birth experiences, and stages of develpoment in the womb, how this can inform/ be expressed/ become identified with throughout life, activated a deep intuitive unfolding for me. Understanding and witnessing of the transition of consciousness from pre conception, through the various stages of pregnancy, to birth and bonding and beyond in myself and many clients is such a gift . Witnessing someones way of expressing themselves provides many clues as to any trauma in these different stages.

Pregnancy/ healing birth/ bonding. mother and baby in purple sling shot wide version

I seem to have a gift for holding space for Mums and babies simultaneously to support connection and resolution of issues in the field.

There are many different ways of meeting these issues, and sometimes I facilitate integration of stages of birth hrough work on the floor, if its an in person session, supporting a client to move through the body memory of the birth, which has a profound way of acknowledging whats been held, at the same time as releasing the imprints, and making space for new beginnings in present life that were previously not available. Life mirrors where we are in flow and where we are stuck! Essentially I see this as a gift, which allows us a kind of divine timing to the different keys in the doors to the exeriences in our lives over time.

And a post note to say, dont worry if your not interested in any of this and just want to support to heal your connection with with yourself after a difficult birth or anything else, and feel better with baby, please just get in touch and come along xx

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