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Hello, my name is Hari Ma, Its great to see you here, thank you for visiting my website.
I have been working as an Energy Healer in Bristol since 2009, and also offer online sessions, distance healing, and phone sessions for those who prefer or are further afield. I am work in my purpose built healing space in my garden, Sunnyside Healing Center.

My work is infused by my own healing journey, and many different experiences and proffessional trainings with healers and teachers Ive worked and studied with and continue to learn from along the way.
My approach is deep listening, interaction and observation, and following the energy. A lot of my clients are advanced spiritual seekers, coming for support with integration on their awakening journey. Im highly skilled at bringing together the work thats already been done, creating space for a deeper embodiment of the soul. Often, clients come because although they have done a lot of work to heal issues, they need support to put it all together and come through to a new sense of themselves with more wholeness. I guide people to higher levels of consciousness, to move towards, or step into Being and Belonging, being at home with themselves in a more spacious experience of life.

Through gentle touch, guidance, dialogue, or energy healing at a distance, I have supported many hundreds of clients to reclaim their lifeforce, often through deep forgiveness processes, activations, clearings and upgrades, through the chakras, and gently aiding the flow of kundalini, where needed. I respond to whats moving, giving space, and reflecting back the invitation to wholeness.

The work I do at Sunnyside Healing Center, is like a kind of energy transmission, and communication, with your body/soul, and supports your system to regulate/ realign itself, and release what no longer serves you. I listen deeply, with many senses, with an open mind, and am also supported in the background by a large resource of knowledge of human/soul energy systems and physical anatomy and physiology that just keeps expanding. Integrated into my work are many different healing trainings and methodologies, and a huge amount has been added by exploring what Ive learned, with clients, the guidance that comes through as I work, and my own personal journey.

I offer service, supporting people to heal, awaken, love, and live fullfilling, grounded, and happy lives, by releasing tension/overload in the mind, body, soul and spirit and integrating their own light and love. I am passionate about supporting clients to be the fullest expression of their authentic self and live an awakened life.

Are you looking for guidance, healing, a way of coming home to you, and your own inner wisdom? I am here to help :)

Its all about coming home to you xx

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As an Energy Healer, my work is infused with an expansive understanding of our human energy systems, and grounded in the deep listening and gentle touch, honouring all facets of our physical body, mind, emotions, and soul. I offer support to individual adults one to one, with an invitation to engage with and recieve support for whatever is moving/blocked and ready for attention.

I take time to explore my client's emotional wellbeing, and life circumstances, in conversation, before lying down on the healing couch. Listening out for what supports and resources each person, witnessing their story, resources and weaknesses, and qualities, why they are coming, and beginning to build an energetic compassionate bridge of healing awareness to both the strengths, and also the unresolved energy, past and present, which is often expressing itself as illness, stress, trauma, limitations in the body, and effecting the quality of relationships and life circumstances. This is a process that unfolds, organically, by following what a client is bringing, and showing in their 'field' as ready for attention.

Its amazing how issues a client brings for attention will be 'up' for review in their energy field automatically. Our systems have their own inner compass,  whereby our energy has a deep wisdom of its own and prioritises the next layer of the onion so to speak, of what we are working with in our life at the time. I am following the energy through deep listening to whats 'in the field'.
I may be working directly with your body, or more in your emotional body, or mental/ spiritual bodies. Often as the body lets go of tension there can sometimes be little gurgling noises, so dont worry it's fine if you find your body is communicating, making funny noises in a session, its a good sign!

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I am passionate about understanding the anatomy of the body, and in some areas of physiology, have a considerably advanced understanding/knowledge which Im constantly updating. I find this to be a really important level of communication in the background of listening to the underlying causes and history of dis-ease and inbalance in life.

Are you living with physical illness or life circumstances that are also present or have previously occured with other members of your family?
Have you maybe often felt different from the rest of your family?
Do you want to know what it feels like to have a deep connection to yourself without merging or feeling separate from others?

I can help you to realign yourself to your true nature, and in the process, you also have the potential to be an agent for healing in your family, creating more space for you, simply by being you and working with whats been held in your energy bodies.

Maybe you want more space for your own soul to simply BE.

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Your dna changes as we work together, which informs everyone in your family on an unconscious level. The old emotional chains and contracts begin to loosen and release.

My experience working with ancestral trauma and soul work is very expansive. I would love to guide and support you to deeper levels of freedom from the past.

Present issues can be rooted in earlier experiences, can sometimes be inherited, could be deeply held on multidimensional soul levels, or learned from others. A bit like biofeedback, through silent witnessing, a process of integration can occur. of unhealed relationships, awakenings, challenging passages in life, events, physical obstacles, and traumas, right through from deeply rooted unconscious experiences embedded in our conception, or early experiences in the womb and birth, childhood, and later in life, which can be directing our choices and relationships in the present. I also support clients in preparation for transition to beyond life in our physical body.

This process is not passive for a client, as I will often interact and guide to support with enquiring, acknowledging whats been held often for decades, sometimes with simply feeling a subtle emotion moving, or perhaps a gentle discussion during the process if there has been a repeating cycle in your personal or family history.

There are many opportunities to learn new skills that you can take home with you and use as and when you feel to, to support you in a more fluid healing/integration of your daily life experience.

Would you like to be able to navigate your daily experience with more awareness and direct embodied knowledge of how to best to employ/dance with your energy?

Are you becoming aware that you are 'energy in a physical body'? Perhaps emotions or thoughts feel so overpowering that you are scared or feel intimidated by your own energy? Perhaps you feel something is not you, and doesnt feel right but you cant get rid of it?

Would you like to feel safe/allow yourself to have emotion or thoughts, without it 'having' you? I teach you how to witness and hold space for yourself, not just when you are the therapy room. Ultimately to become your own best friend.

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I love to support clients to become more grounded and bring their light into being in their daily lives. In an age we many of us spend hours on computers and other technologies, our minds are expanding so fast, grounding is more and more relevant and helps us to navigate emotions safely..

My philosophy for healing is to meet everything with the correct energetic match of compassion. Compassion is a dynamic very awake level of love, this state of being holds activating codes which honour and transmute suffering. All pain is an unmet need for love on some level. Healing happens when we begin to integrate the layers of our reality, allowing us to naturally release the need for identifcation with fear and reconnect with our own innate natural wisdom and intuition. I teach my clients how to access compassion for themselves, becoming more aligned with their healing, and to let go of old resentments and stuck ways of being which keep them trapped.

Underneath the challenges and suffering, our true self has many gifts and strengths which sometimes need support to integrate into our daily lives. When this is nurtured, deeper understanding and compassion can be accessed, life can be seen as unconditionally providing mirrors in every moment, providing information about the resonances we still carry in our field, so we can consciously choose to release what no longer serves us.

The body and soul heals in direct relation to how safe it feels. Deep holding and support, love, and correct empathy, modelling of emotional respons-ability, and spiritual understanding are my intentions, as valuable guiding lights for the journey into rediscovering wholeness and purpose in life.

Many people come to me after, or alongside, years of therapy. If this is you, I can help you get to whats hidden in the unconscious and unlock all the deep work and benefits youve already worked so hard for, but perhaps never felt able to fully integrate in an embodied way.

My work as an Energy Healer is very effective when supporting clients very early preverbal trauma.
When preverbal experiences are directing our dilemmas, or other hidden issues, sometimes passed down from events even hundreds or thousands of years ago, collective trauma, or deeply embedded in our soul, working with the conscious mind can keep us trapped in identifying with a trigger or event that brought these feelings upto the surface, but never meet the root of the issue. This can create a reinforcing of stuck energy/ freeze, in the nervous system.
When the root cause of the issue is met, through deep listening, and any resonances have been felt, and held, there can be a domino affect of healing which has the potential to help rebalance and recenter the nervous system and all of our energy bodies and chakras.
There are times in a persons journey where such experiences are like a key in a lock which can finally open.

Some clients come with a ripeness for these kinds of transformations, and others come ready to begin the unpacking, and will gradually discover the gems of wisdom within their journeys. Every step in our coming home to ourselves is equally valuable, if we try to overstep something, we will inevitably come back to it at some stage, in some way, to retrieve to gifts within it.
Sometimes the smallest shift on the inner planes of our being, a change in how we relate to ourselves, through a simple realisation or different perception of something long held onto, for example, can have the biggest results overtime.

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Are you experiencing an intense or important transition in your life?
Examples could be moving home or countries, starting a new career, ending a long term relationship, becoming a parent, to name a few.
Some of us are so sensitive to transitions that simply ending a meeting, leaving a room, entering a room full of people can be overwhelming.

I work with people to support integration of early transitions that keep rearing their heads in current life situations, particularly when a new transition is in the field.
This could be unresolved experiences as far back as conception, and birth trauma. The arrival of a new sibling, changing to a new school and the way life played out for you as a teenager, emerging into adutlhood.

I am also available for local hospital and home visits for end of life completion/release sessions where a person has unresolved issues or fear that could benefit from support, which may be causing confusion or holding on.
For a long time, my connection with the spirit world has been a big part of my journey, this bridge I can provide is especially valuable during transitions, arriving and departing from our earthly existence, and honours the purpose of life for anyone who wishes to have support at this time.

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There are natural subtle rythyms in the body, which support health in the body. These rythyms, and their influence, are enlivened by light particles in the spinal fluid bathing the brain, and spinal column in a continuous motion, and is effected by the degree of freedom we have with our health. The subtle waves continue through the body, the fluids, in the vital organs and whole body, in a complex system which is always intending for the optimal balance in the body, whilst navigating an often equally complex web of resistance built up through layers of generational and personal trauma.

When the body's systems become overwhelmed, stress and illness creates physical/ emotional/ mental symptoms.  I work by listening subtly to unravel the map of the causes of these issues, in the physical body, in the nervous system and also supporting the layers of emotional healing, and healing in all parts of the body, as a whole. The more we listen to the body, the more we can release whats not inherently our natural flow and allow for a gradual unfolding of being 'at rest' whilst being in the body/ life. By this I mean life without constant struggle, having a nervous system that can breathe amidst the daily challenges.

This support of the physical body is also involves with the energy of our chakras and energy bodies that align through our vertical axis and inform our balance/inbalance in life. Often during a session, chakras will spontaneously realign and release old stuck energy, bringing more health to that particular area of the body, and our health overall.

Each one of us has a whole and perfect intelligence within us, which holds a blueprint of our soul's journey, and also the best way to rekindle and awaken our health and purpose, however that is most appropriate for us as individuals. In sessions, this intelligence is the guiding principle, which reveals the healing process layer by layer.

I offer support to adult indiviuals who have a desire to walk the path of bringing balance and love, into their lives.
If you are bringing a desire to own your experience, a willingness to cultivate presence, and learn to forgive yourself, and set free those who you judge, for your own healing, and those around you, I would love to support you.
My calling is to facilitate clients to connect with living an embodied life, into a way of being which promotes experiencing everything as bringing to us closer to coming home to our true nature and not separate from us, in that it is all playing an intrinsic role in providing mirrors and situations that provide the perfect set up to meet previously hidden blocks in our psyche/energy. Simply by engaging with presence, with whats moving, we can transcend the old burdens and integrate more of who we truly are..

Many people think that problems or illness are necessary to come for a session, and its true they are often a catalyst for a new way of being, through healing, and a powerful time to come.
Its also true coming for a session, or series of sessions, when life is all good, is often when there is space to open up and bring more light into where the soul wants to evolve next.

A lot of people also come for healing and releasing historical trauma, soul retrieval, any physical issue, for example, auto-immune disease, digestive disorders, pre or post surgery, whiplash, aches and pains, joint problems, asthma, back problems, serious illness, the list goes on. I support people with emotional stress, and also with the long list of symptoms and adventures of the heart, and I support many people with spiritual awakening in their everyday life. I encourage commitment, to a series of sessions, which allows for a consistent, well held, process of transformation, and also support people who wish to come for sessions more informally.

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I am passionate about supporting healing for healthy fulfilling intimacy, respect and autonomy in relationships. Healthy relationships also support healing in the body. When we feel safe in our environment, and loved, we digest our food better, our sexual health improves, we breathe deeper, our support system reflects the quality of our health.
Individuals coming for sessions often report changes in how they experience their partners, peers, and family, as their own health improves. Health, as in their balance of physical health, mindset, emotional respons-ability, and spiritual essence.
Frustrations at work can have a big impact on our health. I work with clients to find harmony where there is dis-ease reflected in the body and emotions due to stress at work.

My work is not a replacement for seeing a medical proffessional if health issues are present, I am here to support alongside your doctor, care giver. I cannot garantee a health condition will completely heal, although many have, it is not always the case. Sometimes it seems living with a condition is part of a persons process and has the potential to bring its own gifts and enlightenment.

Some of my work, where relevant, also touches on unresolved issues directly related to forgotten experiences in very early life.
Our experiences as a baby in the womb,birth, and early preverbal experiences, their ripple effects, unacknowledged, can create strong filters and imprints on our daily experiences. For sure, our journey into this world is inherently influencing all of us, and for some, it imbued strength, for others, that strength is something that has to be reclaimed. The support I offer can be particularly helpful where problems or issues feel repetitive, deeply engrained, or the source of them feels illusive. This work has grown out of my work as a doula (birthing assistant) for 3 years, and working ongoingly with pregnant women. I offer upto 4 sessions post partum with baby then Mums are welcome to continue sessions if they wish. Any further support for baby will need to be referred to another collegue as I no longer work ongoingly with children and am choosing to focus on the period around birth and pregnancy where my training is securely rooted.

My work as a healer is informed by my connection through the 8th and 9th chakras, the connection to our divinty and life/soul purpose, and teacher energies. This allows me, if a client wishes, to give guidance on questions about direction in life, and other topics. I have received the Munay Ki healers rites, which also deepens my connection with holding the space as a healer. I have done, and continue to do a lot of my own research, on the inner planes, in nature, and also integrating knowledge from many teachers out in the world. Mostly guidance comes in the form of self reflection, I invite clients to reflect on elements of what they are asking about, usually from a different perspective than the one they ask with, that helps to open to new possibilities. Often clients find that simply coming and working with me, new ways of seeing things, with more compassion arise naturally, as we unravel the layers of whats been carried, ancestrally, or on a soul level, and discover there is no purpose in finding blame or fault in anything, mostly when we get back to the root, all the old energies that have been held on an issue dissolve as a client experiences feeling seen and witnessed.

My work can also include soul retrieval, whereby traumas are seen as events which can cause fragmentation of the soul. The more a client can integrate their own energy through this work, the less room for trouble making energies in the body/mind etc.

I love to support clients to find the silver linings within their healing journey, to discover their gifts, their health, and gain a deeper understanding of their unique path in life. Sunnyside Healing Center is my creation and offering to support and hold space for deep healing to flow out into the world and support clients to wholeness.

Please dont hesitate to call or email me if you have any questions, Id love to hear from you.

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