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Thank you for your interest in my work. I could just share with you my journey as a therapist, which started in 2003 in Spain, (I have listed my certifications at the bottom of this page) and may seem more of a proffessional approach to this resume. But the truth is that without all the difficulties that preceded that, and the extensive time since, unravelling it all and reclaiming a whole life, my role as a healer, and what I have the ability to hold for others due to my own journey, would not make sense.

The work I do now began as a deep calling that emerged powerfully out of the depths of a healing crisis, in 2001, which led me initially to study creative kinesiology, receive craniosacral therapy, share experiences with other healers, and navigate a spontaneous and deep awakening of my intuition and inate gifts as a spiritual healer.

My journey back to myself began at 19 years old, living in a truck on the traveller scene, after several years of a combination of freedom in nature and community, mixed with some more destructive behaviours, I became a single mother. The pregnancy and arrival of my son, was a big wake up call, and a catalyst to the beginnings a wider world of possibilities, and the beginning of life living abroad. I soon met my daughter's father in France, where we lived, and I struggled to survive a difficult relationship for 5 years. Expansion with the gifts of travels to Morocco and Mexico were contrasted with the contraction of many suppressed feelings and traumas.

In 1995 I was involved in a serious car accident, and suffered a broken neck at C2, which needed a complex surgery. I was lucky to be alive, and even luckier not to be paralysed. I had no therapeutic support for my recouperation after the accident, and the shock and freeze went deeply underground in my system.

About me. house spain buddha

Now living on my own with my 2 children, I moved to Spain, and spent 7 years building a beautiful home, which sounds romantic, and the reality was a lot of heavy work, and great times too :) I worked as an artist, and a musician in an Irish band. I was an unstoppable force of creativity, but like many workaholics, I found it almost impossible to relax. I led a positive and playful life on the surface, and a driven, controlling one underneath.

My second health warning came in 2002, when life dealt me a tough calling card with Lymes disease.
My search for healing propelled me into an intense spiritual awakening, and discovery of my own gifts and path as a healer. My neck was becoming increasingly vunerable and the combined effects of these two major set backs in my health sent me on a very intense mission to understand everything I could about the body and how our energy works. I began to spontaneously receive a lot of valuable information, in the form of spiritual downloads, guiding me to work with the earth energies, and awaken to my natural ability to sense and read energy in people, plants and anilmals. I worked with other healers to support the local area, which had a heavy imprinting from the Spanish civil war, and also to this day, planetary healing. I practiced a lot of kundalini yoga, eating mainly raw food, and began living a deeply mystical, sufi practice of daily prayer, and meditation, and was really blessed to meet and study with a very special creative kinesiology teacher who moved to our valley.
After 3 years, I had learned and integrated how to respect my body's need for balance between rest and play/work, and was granted release from the Lymes disease in a shamanic healing session. I saw and felt millions of ticks and eggs leave my body out of the top of my head. It was an experience that greatly deepened my calling to healing. Since then, I have met several people who have had Lymes disease, and they were all workaholics before they got it!

I have been, and continue, on a long journey of healing and awakening, which informs my understanding of energy work deeply, the relationship to our own power, and shadow, recognising and rewiring engrained patterns of survival, and supports a growing capacity for deep empathy for others.

I moved to England in 2007 and studied Craniosacral Therapy at the Karuna Institute in Devon, which really supported my journey to rebuild my nervous system from the car accident and help many others with similar injuries along the way. A lot of clients also became drawn to work with me for support with their spiritual awakening process. A few years later, I continued onto Advanced Pediatric Craniosacral Therapy studying with Matthew Appleton, which is where my interest in life in the womb became very deep, and felt like an essential missing part of holding space for owning and integrating my own journey, and continues to be an important key element of healing for some of my clients. What we dont acknowledge has the power to control us. Very few human beings have a sublime experience of being in the womb.

In 2013 I qualified as a doula and worked for 3 years, feeling deeply privileged to support families very intimately, attending home and hospital births here in Bristol. Offering a combined approach, for deep preparation during pregnancy, for mums and dads to be, with home visits, and in craniosacral sessions, and being there for the birth, until it became clear to me I wanted to use what I had learned, specifically in the therapy room. This has helped me so much to ground my understanding of birth dynamics, hold space for unresolved birth trauma in adults, and continue to support pregnant and post natal mums and babies in my therapy practice.

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This was also the year I completed my training as an Alpha Chi consultant. This has been a very deep soul journey, and gift of remembrance, helping me to connect with my own essential energy. The training included, working with the spiritual realms, understanding more deeply the functions of our chakra system, working with plant energies, clearing and enhancing energy in the home and outdoors, facilitating spirit release, living in alignment with the divine natural law.
If you feel your home could benefit from the clearing of negative energies, and receive a specialised attuning to higher frequencies, in alignment with your life path, feel free to ask for more information.

I feel very blessed to have attended 4 days of beautiful ceremony, receiving the Munay Ki , the 9 rites of initiation of the medicine way, of the Incas, and have been greatly moved by the difference this has made in my work as well as personal life. I have also participated in ongoing group awakening work with an awakening teacher, for several years, as part of my own development and constantly evolving healing work.

My work is very inclusive, as the various different healing methods and my own intuitive guidance combine to provide a wide landscape, gently anchored by the deep listening, knowledge of anatomy, and energetic dynamic dialogue with my clients system, I am able to hold space for healing on many levels. Ancestral, past life, current or earlier traumas, relationships, spiritual awakening, physical issues, soul retrieval, the list goes on, if someone is ready and willing to grow and release what no longer serves them, I can help. I simply follow whatever is being prioritised by the energy present, and allow a clients system/ field to guide me.

In the last 2 years I have trained as an Atlantis crystal healer. This is a powerful healing system of working with individually initiated/awakened crystals which have highly precise uses, including working on the spine, energy bodies, activating the shiva/shakti balance, releasing trauma, connecting with the planetary guidance, bringing the golden light into the body, to name just a few of the many methods I have learned and different combinations of crystals, each method having its own crystals.

In 2021, have also attended seminars by Abdel Mussa, the creator of the polarity discharge method. From working with Abdel, I was able to become very sensitive to the polarities affecting clients with trauma, that keep people stuck and unable to move forwards. I developed my own way of working with and releasing these forces in the brain, by using craniosacral palpation.

My most recent training, in 2022, has been with Edward Mannix, founder of The Compassion Keys. This work has proved to be the missing link in my unique combination of skills. Guiding people through the compassion keys process supports clients to really engage with their healing with self directed compassion on a very deep level, opening up to the ability to receive much more effective healing and self trust.

I am passionate about supporting my clients to find their own inner resources and gifts, and become the witness to the enormous intelligence of their body and soul, guiding them through whatever life challenges they are dealing with, to a deeper understanding and experience of their own health and life purpose.

My professional qualifications to date are as follows;

Biodynamic craniosacral therapist BCST.
Pediatric craniosacral therapist PCST.
Alpha chi consultant ACC.
Relaxed birth and parenting doula (recongnised by Fedant, Federation of antenatal teachers).
Golden Age Alpha Chi Consultant.
Altlantis Crystal Healer

Compassion keys practitioner

I am fully insured as a therapist and healer.

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